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Value added services…tailor made for you

Whatever your needs may be, we at ACTL make sure our solutions suit your every requirement. Right from Segregation and Sorting of cargo to Printing and Tagging of Labels, organized Inventory Management, Distribution, Shrink Wrapping, Pallet fabrication both cardboard and wooden to Snake Loading, Handling of GOH (Garment on Hanger) or even Bar Coding. Our customized value added services ensure you get whatever you require, whenever you need it.

  • Re-packaging

  • Specialized packaging

  • Sorting & Labeling

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Inspection Services

  • Equipment Hire

  • Segregation and Sorting

  • Label Printing and Tagging

  • Inventory Management

  • Distribution

  • Fumigation

  • Pallet fabrication – steel, cardboard and wooden/ Euro pallets

  • Container repairs and fabrication

  • Snake Loading

  • GOH (Garment on Hanger)

  • Bar Coding

  • Tariffs

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