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ACTL was formed in 1997, where it was the first privately owned ICD in North India. Since it was the first ICD, ACTL had to make very strong systems and training patterns to ensure smooth and hiccup free operations. Till 2008, ACTL with its dedicated (owned) fleet of trailers transported export/ import boxes to other ICDs for railment.In September 2008, ACTLs dedicated rail siding was commissioned and ACTL signed up with several private container train operators for carrying export/ import container to and fro gateway ports. ACTL has also signed up with major domestic container train operators to handle trains/ cargo.

ACTL is a totally self sufficient ICD or dry port, with dedicated Customs staff, bank branch within premises, dedicated rail siding with 24x7 operations and rake examination facilities as well as deputed railway personnel, container repair facility, in-house workshop and a highly motivated and trained pool of man power. Today ACTL and its services are seen as a benchmark in terms of quality, reliability, efficiency and integrity.

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