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As an endeavor to constantly offer new and unique services, ACTL remains a leader.

Quality Check Platform: This is a unique facility provided to key customers, a QC platform inside the Customs Bonded Area.

Hub and Spoke Services: ACTLs strategic location and connectivity through both, rail and road advantage, ACTL offers attractive options in terms of customized services, at the same time major saving on cost and time - makes it an attractive place for hub and spoke logistics.

Reefer Containers: ACTL has state-of-the-art infrastructure for handling and storage of reefer containers. Along with plung-in points and uninterrupted power supply, ACTL also owns power packs which move along with the rakes – generating power supply for reefer containers enroute.

Garment on Hangers: A special ear marked, dust free area has been created specially for GOH, with a provision of temperature control. ACTLs skilled work force ensures no damage or loss to customers, and is also trained to provide special value additions like segregation, bar code scanning, snake loading, etc.

Import Bonding: Along with having an import bonded warehouse, for customers who wish to keep their uncleared cargo for longer durations, ACTL also has a facility for import bonding in Containers.

Special care for special cargo: Whether its fragile, oversized, heavy, or even high value cargo, ACTL assures safety of your special cargo with impeccable cargo handling.

24x7 TXR/ STR facility: ACTL rail siding is certified to offer round the clock Train Examiner/ Safe To Run checks on trains – ensuring no loss of  valuable time!

CTPAT Compliance: ACTL is constantly audited by its business partners and also by US Customs for CTPAT compliance. This ensures ACTL to keep up the best practices and constantly improve upon systems.

Daily Reports: ACTL has a customized IT system, which enables customers to have tailor-made reports on a daily basis.

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